Why You Should Always Be Grateful

Not while ago, my friend Susan asked me if I could design a personal note, one that would be just for her, one that would be her own constant reminder. I said of course, and then I asked her what should be written on that note. Susan said: “Be Grateful.” Nothing more, nothing less.

It really got me thinking.

We live in crazy, over hyped, busy world that is constantly rushing somewhere. But if we were to pause it, stop it and ask it where is it rushing to, it wouldn’t know. We all wouldn’t know what to answer to that question. Being extremely busy and trying to achieve everything we put ourselves on to, makes us forget about all the things we already have and we already have achieved.

Have you paused yourself today? Did you take a look at your lovely life, your amazing family and everything you have?

If the answer is no, well, what better time to do it than right now 🙂

So, why you should always be grateful?

For Your Family

No matter what you do, where you live, your family will always be there for you. Some of us have really close connections to our families, but some of us don’t. Instead, you may have built your family from scratch – you may have a family within your friends or your special someone. It doesn’t matter, because the “family” is just a word for a bound we created with another person.

For Yourself

Ever so often, way too often actually, we tend to take ourselves for granted and forget just how much we are gifted, talented, how much we have endured and succeeded. Put away all those crazy standards someone created for you, and just look at yourself – at brilliant, smart, amazing, clever, funny, awesome yourself. And be grateful, because there’s isn’t a single person like you out there in the world.

For the World

Have you noticed how we have stopped, well, noticing all the small things, little details like the sound of the wind, the colors of the rain drops, the smell of freshly mowed grass? Step away from the computer just for a second and open all your sensors for the big wide World. Listen what it whispers to you and simply be grateful that you are here to experience it.

Have an amazing Thursday, a grateful one, and see you tomorrow cause it’s Friday Freebie, and one lovely freebie will be waiting for you!

One last question: What are you grateful for?

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