5 Ways To Build Great Morning Routine

Many people do not believe in the importance of the morning routine, or in the importance of having routines at all, until they experience that overwhelming feeling of disorganization, lack of definition and time slipping trough their fingers.  While I have recently wrote about bad habits and how to break them, actually routines and small (good) habits maintain our fine bindings of which we are composed and without them we would fell apart. Building amazing morning routine is actually not that difficult, and I’m going to share with you my own little (but effective!) tricks.

1.Waking up at the same time

Wake up as early as you can and always at the same time. Train your body. If you’re a night owl (and this post is written by probably the biggest of them all), the first couple of days you will be tired, but your body has an incredible power of adjustment – use it.

Wind up alarm clock that will always ring at the same time, make it 7h lets say, and get up the moment you hear it. Without snoozing, without delaying.

2. Light Morning Exercise

Okay, don’t get all scared here, by light exercise, I really mean light. You have to remember that your body is your instrument. As you would set your guitar before practice playing on it, you should prepare your body before working with it. Do a couple of stretching exercises that only take  10 minutes of your time, but it will refresh your muscles, your body and prepare it to support your mind while dealing with daily tasks.

Here’s one example -> Energy Stretching 

3.  Dress For The Day

One can not deny the feeling of readiness you get the very moment you apply makeup and dress as you are going to work  – even though you might spend the day in the apartment. We would all be happy just to sit in our pajamas, big, old sweaters, with uncombed hair twisted into a bun. But then you are not ready. Your body is still in the “sleepy”, relaxed mode. As long as your mind does not feel the process of preparing for something, it will not snap out of sleep.

Put this mascara and blush on, wear something comfortable but serious – and notice the change itself – the feeling of being prepared to productively work.

4. Energizing breakfast

According to many, this is the most important part of the routine, morning, day. I agree with that, but only because I think a lot of people make mistakes here. People mostly prefer to prepare breakfast that is either too big or simply unhealthy. In my opinion (in which I’m convinced, but I’m not an expert nor a nutritionist), breakfast should be light, as light as possible and not too big because that would only make you more sleepy and not prepared for productive morning. I feel best when I take the corn chips (oatmeal / flax) with certain dairy products and thus put an end to breakfast. Of course you will not overeat, but I think that you shouldn’t because you want an energetic start of the day, fuel to move you, not to put you back to sleep.

Read more ->Energy Breakfasts

5. Do Your TO-DO

Sit back and prepare to write down the three most important items to do today. Why only three? Because giving yourself a small number things to do, you have a greater chance to get these items done. You can write down thirty items, but can you get it all done? By limiting yourself to only a few (but the most important) daily goals, you have a clear overview of what needs to be done, you will be more focused on those goals and not scattered on the whole list of items that will only distract you and enforce the feeling of anxiety. Small steps resolve problems. If you get done what you really wanted, who says you can not do and the remaining fifty items?

Do those three important items. Fulfill your day and reward yourself with this wonderful feeling of achievement.

Hope you enjoyed!

13 thoughts on “5 Ways To Build Great Morning Routine

  1. We do as much as possible the night before and we find that it really helps our mornings run a little more smoothly when the kids are already showered, the clothes are laid out and lunches are packed.

  2. LOVE these tips! I absolutely must start following #5. I always make a list and then I am overwhelmed and never complete it. If I only have 3 (as you noted), then I probably will get something accomplished! Great post! 🙂

  3. I could not agree with your list more! In fact – after working from home for 15 years in my PJs I realized getting DRESSED, even if not leaving the home made me feel better and then my blog was born! 🙂
    Having any routine is essential and I sure do have mine! There are some days I cheat and stay in my jammies but now that is a treat rather than the norm and I feel good on those days I do stay in them because it is special.

  4. I’m always waking up the same time each day and also have a To-DO list. Mine does have more then 3 things to do though. I should cut it back so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

  5. Ahhhh now this is something I have to get better at! Mornings suck for me at the moment. I just need to get a better schedule going and stick to it!

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