7 Daily Tricks Of Highly Organized People

  We all know them: they are super organized, really successful and still capable to find joy in what they do – The Highly Organized Folks. No matter how much we envy them on their abilities to keep everything in order, one has to admit that those abilities aren’t superpowers and everyone could be as productive. The key is to […]

7 Stress Relief Tips For Holidays

  Hello my dearest busy bees! I know that it is a “holiday-time” which basically means that your stress level is over the roof! Not to worry, I’m here to help you out (well, me and science) with 10 ways to manage your stressful periods and make any uncomfortable situation less stressful.   #1 Make a plan One way (a […]

5 Ways To Build Great Morning Routine

Many people do not believe in the importance of the morning routine, or in the importance of having routines at all, until they experience that overwhelming feeling of disorganization, lack of definition and time slipping trough their fingers.  While I have recently wrote about bad habits and how to break them, actually routines and small (good) habits maintain our fine […]

Bad Habits (And How To Break Them)

Bad Habits – They are irresistible and it’s extremely difficult to let go of them. Let’s be honest, we often consciously allow ourselves to be taken to a carefree bubble where obligations do not exist, only for a moment, but it is these “small” bad habits that can jeopardize your routine. Here are just few examples of bad habits that […]