5 Ways To Get Your LinkedIn Profile More Exposure

LinkedIn is a powerful network that can help you launch your business, brand, or just yourself. It can also connect you with real power figures in the niche you’re interested in, land you a job or promote your brand in serious, game changing way. Interested yet? As you should be!

If you already have LinkedIn profile, you know some default settings, for example: to link your website with the profile, to put your bio  and achievements on it, but did you know that there are so many more option which can grab the attention of your future employer?



Show Your Professional Skills

Maybe you have already seen this option, but never really took it seriously enough.Writing down all your (important for the job) skills can optimize your profile for relevant, specific keywords and you can get endorsements from your connections. Then, LinkedIn will show your top 10 skills based on those endorsements so that visitors can immediately spot your major strengths. You can do this in the Skills section.


Show Your Specialized Certifications

Another important profile option, often overlooked, is the certifications section. Here you can write down your specialized educational achievements. Sometimes users don’t think that certain certification may be important for their LinkedIn profile, but think about it like this: If you would talk to your potential employer, would you tell him about that certificate?



Show Your LinkedIn Groups

You also may have heard of LinkedIn groups but never took them seriously. So what are they actually, you may ask? LinkedIn groups are quite similar to the facebook groups – you find the ones you are interested in and there you share your experience, advice, tips with other members of the group. This is a great way to interact with other members who invested into same topics as you are. When you join LinkedIn groups, you have the option of listing them on your profile, as shown in the Groups section below. You may want to do that because people who would like to get to know you a bit more can do so by joining the groups you’re in and engaging with you there.



Show Your Interests

There is this amazing option on LinkedIn which allows you to follow specific news channels, publishers, influencers and companies found on LinkedIn Pulse.  What is even better is that you can set so they’ll appear in the Following section of your profile. You can use this section to optimize your profile for specific keywords, and highlight publications that you contribute to, have contributed to or you would like to.



Support Your Causes

Volunteering in one of the most important things you can do to help others in need, to help you own well being. In fact, volunteering has become so important that one in five hiring managers has chosen a candidate based on his or her volunteer experience. You may not know (or you do know, but never thought it was relevant), but adding the Volunteer section to your LinkedIn profile will show others that you also care about helping the less fortunate ones. And that can say a lot about you. For nonprofits, this is a great way to promote your organization and cause.


So, this is it for now, I hope you have enjoyed my LinkedIn tips.

How do you like this network, do you use it?

19 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Your LinkedIn Profile More Exposure

  1. I’ve set up my LinkedIn account a couple years ago and I’ve periodically update it with more and more details, but I’m still not quite sure how it works. I would love to see a post about using LinkedIn to it’s full potential for bloggers.

  2. I’m lost when it comes to Linkedin. I logged in today and saw hundreds of messages so I logged back out lol. I need to learn to use it and take advantage of what it could offer bloggers like myself.

  3. LinkedIn is a good way to promote your business and connect with professionals. I keep my LinkedIn profile updated at all times and have had some good opportunities and invites from groups and business owners.

  4. This is such a very helpful article. I think I created a LinkedIn account before and that was it. I didn’t really explore the site. Going to look and explore it some more.

  5. I am actually revamping my LinkedIn for a blogger profile. I swear for years I didnt think blogger was a professional enough for LinkedIn but you know what it is my job, so 2016 I am fixing my profile for that soon.

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