Bad Habits (And How To Break Them)

Bad Habits – They are irresistible and it’s extremely difficult to let go of them. Let’s be honest, we often consciously allow ourselves to be taken to a carefree bubble where obligations do not exist, only for a moment, but it is these “small” bad habits that can jeopardize your routine. Here are just few examples of bad habits that you are probably guilty of, and a few tips how to limit them.

Bad habit # 1 – Too much of television

So many programs, so many movies and not enough time! Well, to be honest, that actually distracts you from everything that has to be done. Each of us has a certain time of day when is the most productive. That part of the day should be kept safe and sound.
Tip – Leave the TV off. We all have a period of day when the concentration is decreasing and then allow yourself a moment of leisure. But let’s keep it to a moment.

Bad Habit #2 – Too much of Internet

If you are a blogger, business owner or just one big procrastinator – you know what I’m talking about. As much as it’s hard to admit this, there is actually something like “too much” of Internet. If I could, I would be constantly on every social network at the same time- forever. But wandering on the social networks, without any actual cause, is one of the black holes where your time irreversibly disappears and where you will often fall out of your productivity rhythm.
Tip – Determine the exact time when you will check what happened on social networks and stick to that time. Really, unless you are the President of Coca Cola, once a day is enough to check email.

Bad habit # 3 – Delaying your obligations

In the movie Sex & The City, at one point, Samantha tells Carrie: “There is no time like now”. The biggest truths of them all. You instinctively wish to prolong the free time and, alas, you delay doing your obligations. The bad side of this practice is this one – the obligations are increasing as the time passes. Solve them while they are a little bite.
Tip – The best time to do your obligation (anything, actually) is – NOW.

Bad habit # 4 – You don’t have time for yourself

Of course, there are times when we are extremely busy, so the last thing we think about is ourselves, but here we are entering into a vicious circle where we try to fulfill all of our obligations as best as we can and, at the same time, we forget that we are the instrument with which they are solved. If you do not give yourself a little break, attention, healthy diet – you will become exhausted and then it’s hard to achieve what you want. Nothing is more important than sleep, quality meals and the occasional run in the park – it’s what builds your body. And your body is the foundation of everything.
Tip – The beginning and the end of everything is you – how much attention and time you devote to yourself, that much you will get stronger to deal with everyday duties. Make yourself a schedule and set time when you will have a meal, when you will exercise and when you (at any price) will end with work and go to sleep. And stick to that schedule.

18 thoughts on “Bad Habits (And How To Break Them)

  1. I can’t work in the complete quiet, so my tv is always on. I don’t pay attention most of the time, though – I just need the background noise.

  2. Okay, I do 3 out of 4 of these things! My tv is always on when I am home alone even if I am not watching it, I am listening to it! And I need to plan better so that I have time for myself. And I work on the internet so I am ALWAYS on!

  3. I’m guilty of all of the above and like the above, I always have my TV’s on. They do distract me though and if I get interested in watching something, I procrastinate to the max lol. Thanks for your tips, I will try them.

  4. I am the number 2 and 4 i have too much in internet and i don’t have a time for myself, Because i have two kids and my work would not completely done in just 2 hours that’s why i am too much in the internet doing my work.

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