How To Monetize Your Blog & Attract Best Advertisers – LinkFromBlog

  If you have been blogging for quite some time, you must have been wondering about how you could monetize your blog and attract advertisers. While there are many sites promising easy connections with advertisers, there is one that actually enables you to apply for different review opportunities. LinkFromBlog company is established in 2008. It is created for bloggers as […]

Work Successfully From Your Home

I have been a freelancer for over three years now. I’ve decided to do it just when I finished my University studies, mostly because there wasn’t any “real” job for me. At least, not the one where I could put my best creative feet forward. So, I made it my mission to create the job – to become a freelancer. […]

5 Ways To (Re)Explore Your Creativity

When you are in the creative business, it basically means that you, as a creative person, live off of your creativity. It might sound delightful – to earn for your living simply by being creative. It is amazing, of course, but it can also be the hardest thing ever – especially if you have ever experienced the creative block. It […]

Why You Should Always Be Grateful

Not while ago, my friend Susan asked me if I could design a personal note, one that would be just for her, one that would be her own constant reminder. I said of course, and then I asked her what should be written on that note. Susan said: “Be Grateful.” Nothing more, nothing less. It really got me thinking. We […]

Happy Easter! (Free Printable)

Hello my dearest people! So, tomorrow is Easter. While I do celebrate the Orthodox Easter (1st of May this year), the majority of my readers celebrate it tomorrow. I can imagine how you are already under some great stress, cooking, cleaning, hoping to prepare everything on time, while joggling with Easter presents and thinking what to get for your loved […]