7 Stress Relief Tips For Holidays


Hello my dearest busy bees! I know that it is a “holiday-time” which basically means that your stress level is over the roof! Not to worry, I’m here to help you out (well, me and science) with 10 ways to manage your stressful periods and make any uncomfortable situation less stressful.



Make a plan

One way (a major one) to handle everything life trows at you is definitely by making an awesome plan. Stressful times, like holiday shopping, can be really time consuming and staying organized will give you more time to spend with your loved ones. With a TO-DO list, your stress will be reduced and you will be more organized, focused on the important things. without such a list, you may have your unfinished tasks eat away your concentration.



Control Your Expectations

Okay, so we are all guilty here. During the holidays, our expectations go crazy high and we put ourselves under a lot of pressure. We want everything to be right, beautiful and the best (whatever we’re preparing) anybody has ever seen. Feeling the pressure of it? One would. Instead of driving yourself completely mad with unrealistic expectations that will completely absorb your time, do things in a reasonable proportion – stick with manageable tasks and use your free time to enjoy the company of your family.



Recognize Stress

How can you fight against something if you don’t even recognize what you’re fighting? Most people feel that they are stressed out when it’s too late – when their body starts to shut down or when the arguments begin. It is important to see certain signs your body is giving you so that your stress level could be managed right in time, before it leaves any affect on your health. These are the signs you should be watching for:

-Upset stomach
-Change in appetite



Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

When we have awfully lot to do, we also ignore our body’s necessities and forget just how important it is to sleep. One cannot point out enough how sleep is crucial for staying focused and healthy – but it also reduces your stress level. When we don’t get a good night’s sleep, our anxiety and stress levels increases, we even feel angrier. So, don’t feel guilty and give yourself a break – your sleep is your absolute necessity, and the lack of it won’t do anybody a favor. Quite the contrary, it may  make things even worse.


Play That Music
You know how sometimes you accidentally stumble upon nice music and you immediately feel relaxed? Well, you might want to practice that more often. Numerous studies have shown that listening to soothing sounds like nature soundtracks or classical music like Beethoven, Mozart, or Verdi can lower blood pressure. But not all music has this kind of effect – fast-paced music like most pop or upbeat hip-hop either does not affect heart rate or can actually increase it. Next time you feel like your stress level is going up, you just may need a little bit of Verdi in your life. Check out this classical music playlist.



Talk With A Friend

When we are feeling way too many emotions, we always like to talk it over with a friend. Yet, somehow, it is not so easy to admit that we are stressed out, especially when it’s holidays and when it is expected that everybody put on their A game – with smiles from ear to ear. Instead of hiding our true emotions, we have to remember that our friends are here to provide us with material aid, emotional support, and information that helps us deal with the stressors. Talking with a friend about what is stressing you out is a great way to alleviate some of the pressure you might feel.


Confront The Situation
This here might actually be the most important advice. One has to try and resolve a stressful situation just when it happens. Usually we ignore it while every bad feeling keeps piling up – which can build up to into something far more serious called chronic stress. Chronic stress  can later on contribute to anxiety and depression, according to the American Psychological Association. Instead of waiting for things to get really serious, recognize the stressful situation, see it for what it is (and it’s never AS bad as we think it is), and manage it while it’s still a piece of cake.


What are the most stressful situations for you? Let’s talk it over!


Happy Happy Holidays! 🙂


18 thoughts on “7 Stress Relief Tips For Holidays

  1. Christmas is going to be a breeze..I’m totally prepared for that. It’s what comes after that has me a little nervous. My oldest is moving out Boxing day and then we are going on a 10 day vacation to Florida. That stresses me out way more than the actual holiday! LOL!!

  2. oh wow would a great list. this is a list that everyone can use. the one i didnt realize i needed was sleep. i laid down for a nap yesterday evening and slept for 12 hours. I woke up like wow.

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