5 Ways To (Re)Explore Your Creativity

When you are in the creative business, it basically means that you, as a creative person, live off of your creativity. It might sound delightful – to earn for your living simply by being creative. It is amazing, of course, but it can also be the hardest thing ever – especially if you have ever experienced the creative block.

It must be one of the most frustrating things to experience – you know you have everything to pull it off, but somehow your creative juices have stopped flowing, and now you’re in the middle of this unknown, gray, terrible land called Creative Block.

I hear you, I’ve been there myself couple of times before. But, I have also found the way to get out of that miserable “no man’s” land, and I’d like to share how you can do it too – by (re)exploring your creativity.

Do What Scares You

We all have something that literally scares the hell out of us, even when we only think about it. It doesn’t even have to be something so big, for example, you could be scared of going alone to the restaurant, writing down your embarrassing moment, or you could be terrified of height. The thing with fear is that it’s usually completely irrational. Or, at least, the base of the fear could be rational but then we tend to enlarge it to the irrational lengths. Another thing with fear is that it often hides the most wonderful experiences. Your creativity could be caged in that fear, just waiting for you to unleash it. Do what scares you. It will empower you and let you explore the other sides of your creativity.

Make A List Of Crazy Ideas

If you ask me, there’s nothing that’s “crazy”, and nothing that isn’t appropriate subject for artists or for creatives. If you want to be truly creative person, you have to be open minded to a lot of things. But in this context, I’m thinking more about putting down on a paper some utterly random and (yes) crazy stuff, like: Flying on a banana, Driving a space shuttle – with a mermaid, Jogging with an eagle in blue shorts etc. Not only will this make you laugh (guaranteed), but it will also refresh your mind, your point of view, and inspire your brain to make new interesting connection.

Do Things You Never Do

We all have so many things we like to avoid, or we never get to do, or they are a bit embarrassing, or… (insert an random excuse). The truth is that when you do the things you don’t ordinarily do, you inspire the brain to make new connections, you get a whole new point of view on reality and your surroundings. Not to mention, creativity likes it when we keep it fresh, change our scenery – when we’re a bit adventurous. So, mow a lawn, climb that tree in your front yard, eat the food you’d never try, do morning jogging with the neighbor you don’t like so much – do whatever you wouldn’t do. And you’ll see how wonderful things will start to appear in front of you.

Find Other Creatives

Here’s the thing with creative people – we’re either really sociable with a tendency to be completely annoying, or we’re so reclusive that you might just find us – NEVER. I’m the secretive and quiet type. I don’t like to discuss my work cause I have this fear of oversharing and, eventually, bore people to death. All that silence about your creative work, it’s not good, so don’t be like me. I also know what it’s like when you talk about your creative business with people who are “in it” just as you are. It is endlessly inspiring. When I met a writer friend, we talked forever about our books, about writing, about life really, and we continued to motivate each other daily. Find other inspiring, motivating people and keep them close. Eventually, you’ll need them, just as they’ll need you.

Make Mistakes

Make them, make them often, don’t be scared of them. Explore your mistakes. We have this constant urge to be perfect, without realizing that perfection is such a loose term. What might be perfect to me, might never be perfect to you. See how it’s all really subjective? And yet, humans are always racing towards this blurry goal of perfection. There is this quote from magnificent Salvador Dali: “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it”. Did you just feel how the enormous amount of pressure slid right off your shoulders? I wish that every creative person prints out this quote and hangs it on the wall. Nothing will teach you more than making mistakes. So, don’t be afraid of the blank page. Splatter some paint over it, draw imperfect lines, write down silly words – make mistakes. Then, when you make them, you can correct them.

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